Mal Bay Rough

Mal bay Rough . 2006. 2-block print .66 " x 81 " . Edition of 40 on Somerset paper .

The first print I made on returning to work in earnest in 2006 . Maybe that's one reason why the image is , in fact , reversed.

The Atlantic can be wonderfully fierce at Spanish Point , off Miltown Malbay.  This point of the coast , at the Southern end of Liscannor Bay , is named for the misfortunate Galleon that foundered on it in 1589 , after having been already 6 months being blown around Scotland .

I find particularly shocking the occasional sensation that a raging sea is actually higher than I am . The white wave cresting here is one such customer . The rock is crumbly dark shale . I decided to use Japanese-styled whorls for the water pushing up the rock.